Monday, February 1, 2010

Best Grammy Moment?

Honey, honey, does this make me look cool?

Forget Lady Gaga being dumped in the trash (and plucked out by Elton John). Forget a nearly naked Pink hanging upside down. Forget Taylor Swift singing without autotune (or just repress the memory).

Here's your best 2010 Grammy moment:


thingy said...

Colbert is funny. The I-pad is funny.

I saw a (fake) photo of Jobs holding up 4 I-pods stuck together with duct tape, but I guess the laughs are on us, cause they are about the only company making a huge profit.

And nooooww, back to music.

Holly A Hughes said...

The Grammys are such a yawn. That's why Colbert's complicit smirk was so perfect. It's like the scene in Meatballs where Bill Murray leads the campers in chanting, "It just doesn't matter. It just doesn't matter. It just doesn't matter!"

"Jay Z, did you not get one in your gift bag?" And for a moment, Jay Z panicked . . .

Alex said...

The Grammys have always been a yawn, though. When Bill Clinton's won more Grammys than Brian Wilson, you know something is desperately, desperately wrong!