Sunday, February 21, 2010

NBC Screws Up Olympics Slightly Better Than Last Time

Some things are just hard to understand.

NBC has a broadcast television network (or at least what's left of it after the Jay Leno debacle), a Spanish-language broadcasting network, and dozens of cable properties.

But somehow they can't manage to broadcast any Olympic events live on the West Coast? And they can't have any live internet streams?

I gotta check my calendar because I'm pretty sure it's not 1976 anymore.

In a world of 500 cable channels and potentially limited bandwidth, this is the best they can do? And even though the coverage is slightly better than the 2006 Winter Olympics (where pretty much only medalists and American competitors got on the air), it's still pretty pathetic.

Hell, I'd even be willing to pony up $20 or $30 to watch things live on cable or on the web.

And now NBC is mad that other news outlets won't join them in pretending coverage of news is still stuck in the 20th century. (Do you think NBC is trying to get a Gold Medal in Stupidity?)

But while large media corporations are busy digging their own graves, savvy musicians are finding interesting ways to adapt to changing times. Camper Van Beethoven, another band that used to be on a major label and now are independent, are financing their trip to South by Southwest by selling sponsorship of songs in their set. For only $102, you can pick a song the band plays, then have a "Roller Derby Girl" walk across the stage with a placard announcing your sponsorship of the song.

I wonder if they'd charge extra if you chose this:


jb said...

NBC has channels devoted entirely to curling and hockey, which we're watching all the time at my house. What, you mean there other sports going on at the Olympics?

Alex said...

JB, the curling is oddly addictive, isn't it?