Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another Blast of New Music

As the week after Shark Week draws to a close

When the Beatles went to India to study meditation with the Maharishi, it was worldwide news. Maybe enlightenment required more than pop hits.

I'm sure that John Lennon and/or Paul McCartney wouldn't have been able to escape all the press and journey to neighboring Pakistan. I'm equally sure they didn't write a long-lost Beatle hit on a borrowed sitar there.

And I'm positive that the sweat from their hands did not fall on the sitar that day only to drip on the forehead of a young boy years later.

I'm sure none of that happened.

And yet...

There is no other way to explain the music of Tee-M, a Pakistani-born musician now living in Los Angeles. Tee-M's first album, the very tasty Earthiotic... songsfromaoneroompalace has the DNA of '65-'66 Beatles dripping from every track. Here's a taste:

Sure, Tee-M claims he spent his youth listening to rock radio on the short-wave (and to Pakistani street musicians. I like my story better -- even if there's not a chance in the world it's true. Go here to listen to the best song on the album, "And I Was Gone."

If you're a fan of pop music, you're going to want to get this album.

Speaking of Pakistan, floods there have affected more than 20 million people and killed more than 1,500. If you want to help, consider giving to the Red Cross's Pakistani relief effort (or to some other reputable charitable organization).


asiangrrl said...

I love your stories, Alex. He doesn't remind me so much of the Beatles, but of...I can't quite place it. Something like a cross between Tom Petty, Moody Blues, and...someone else.

ssspune said...

Heck yeah, another good one, Alex. I wasn't quite getting all Sexy Sadie, but maybe a little Badfinger?!

Alex said...

A little Badfinger is always a good thing in my book!