Monday, August 9, 2010

Music for the Week After Shark Week

Now that Shark Week is over...

A reader emailed me to ask if I like any music recorded and released in this century.

I said I definitely do.

And he challenged me to spend an entire week writing about music from the last ten years.

That week starts now.

The Mighty Regis
is a band with a name that can probably beat the shit out of any other band names around. They're currently kicking ass and taking names on the Warped Tour, but I like to think they emerged fully formed from a dreamscape world where the Pogues are superstars and Sting realized that lute albums were pretentious (and instead released a record of stripped-down Johnny Cash covers).

This band can stomp, drink, ruckus, and raise hell (all in under two minutes). Cross them at your own peril.

"Get Drunk and Go Home" is a great lament about lost love filled with passion and energy (and several well-placed uses of the word "fuck"). You may want to play this 12 or 13 times in a row after hearing it -- I know I did. So raise a pint, talk too loud, and then get out of here already.


Anonymous said...

Very cool.

You will eventually get back to the rogue's gallery, won't you?

Jeff said...

Fine choice of The Mighty Regis. Saw them at Warped Tour in Indianapolis. One of the best things I heard.

April said...

I completely agree about TMR! My enitre family has loved them from day one...especially my 6-year-old son! I even have the 1st TMR tattoo! Well, Darby has one too now, but I had mine 1st!

canongirl03 said...

They're great music and great people....and April. Don't forget that Danny has one too! lol

April said...

OMG Canongirl, I totally forgot about that! I love his! tattoo!