Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hey Ludwig

It's Enough to Drive You to Drinking

New Music Week After Shark Week rolls on...

Regular readers probably know that I don't like a lot of traditional country music (alt-country is another story). But there are exceptions to every rule... and this is one of them.

Lainie Marsh went to Berklee College of Music, but her sound is pure Appalachian Mountain Country. Her The Hills Will Cradle Thee is a wonderfully old-fashioned country album with layered, poetic songs about the simpler things in life.

Most of the songs are amazing, but "Hey Ludwig" stands out. And, like most songs I love, it's got a story associated with it (but this time not one of my stories). Marsh said she was in a bar and overheard a bartender cutting off a drunken customer by saying "Okay Beethoven, that's your fifth."

Now I admit I don't spend enough time in bars to know if that's a common expression. But wouldn't it be cool to live in a world where people say things like that on a regular basis?

I couldn't find an embeddable link to the song, but you can go here and listen to (and buy) the entire song... which is highly recommended.

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Keith said...

What's the matter, are you deaf?

Love this!