Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It Must Be Summer Cause I'm Falling Apart

For the longest day of the year

In a more just world, Fountains of Wayne would be bigger than U2 and not just a band known for an incredibly well-crafted and amazing novelty song.

But in the meantime, enjoy Summer Solstice with this white light of pure pop happiness:


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

I quite seriously love FOW right EXACTLY up there with The Who, the Kinks, the Hollies. I think they're that good -- and that under-appreciated & -estimated.

Maybe it's cause I love old Warner Bros. cartoons & wear a hat in the sunshine & cast a shadow on the sidewalk that I seldom go a week without thinking of "Hat & Feet" from Utopia.

And as you so perfectly note, the hardest thing to do is say, "yes, yes, Stacy's Mom is a fine song but ... it's actually atypical of this brilliant album that you must hear."

But burning a friend a copy of Interstate Managers is a valid thing to do imo because I know for a fact i've turned several peeps into solid fans. Plus they still need to buy the CD if they want that amazing CD cover.

And let me say if you get a chance to see them live, do it, sonny! Always a great live show.

Well needless to say but that never stops me from saying it, thanks for the great post & great disc jockying -- this song was just what i needed at this very moment!

Alex said...

My pleasure, Mr. Who.

And I completely agree that FOW are up there with the Kinks, Hollies, & Who.

I saw them a couple of years ago opening for a reunited Squeeze -- which apparently happened because FOW had Glenn Tilbrook open for them the year before. I couldn't think of a more perfect evening of sophisticated catchy pop songcraft than what we saw that night (and everyone in both bands also seemed to be having a blast, which made it that much sweeter).