Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Moving Ahead So Life Won't Pass Me By

Sometimes there are benefits (pun intended) to living in Los Angeles.

Last night I went to a benefit concert put on by Charles Fox for the Fulfillment Fund (a mentoring group for at-risk High School students).

The concert featured Jeff Barry (who wrote so many great songs with Ellie Greenwich), David Pack (from the band Ambrosia), Richard Marx, Felix Cavaliere (from the Rascals), Norman Gimbel (Fox's longtime songwriting partner), songwriter Allee Willis, and many others.

Fox has written a ton of songs you know (including lots of 70s TV theme songs -- "Love American Style," "Happy Days," etc., etc.), but my favorite song that he wrote was "I Got a Name," recorded by Jim Croce in the early 1970s.

Yeah, it's got the requisite cheesy 70s strings, but I keep thinking the time is right for a great indie-rock remake of this song.

And in the meantime... enjoy Jim Croce singing a classic song written by Gimbel & Fox:


Anonymous said...

Love that song.

Too bad he died so young

Anonymous said...

I just had a complete visualization of my band playing this. Agree with you... ripe for a remake. I added one shorter and one longer jam at key spots. Works well. It was a concert. I heard every note, saw the lighting. Great crowd response. Too bad this is a fantasy band. We're soooo good!

Alex said...

Unfortunately, my fantasy band broke up before we could record this!