Sunday, June 6, 2010

Craigslist Ads and the New Wave Songs That Love Them #3

Number 3 in a delusional Los Angeles-based series.

Missed Connections -- Hollywood

I was puking off the bridge and you were driving on the 101 North.

Your car was beautiful, not ostentatious. You were well-dressed, but had a touch of wildness in your hair. You drove with quiet confidence and the traffic parted to let you through.

A little bit of vomit hit your windshield and you looked up.

Our eyes met and I knew then and there you were the one.

You could have hit the windshield washer, but you didn't. Did you want a souvenir of our brief, magical moment together? Did you dream of holding my hair the next time I have to boot?

I'm taking a chance, I'm putting myself out there. Since that day, I wait every morning on the bridge, but I haven't seen your car again.

Maybe you're taking surface streets... looking for me.

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Holly A Hughes said...

I could never get beyond the quilted red leather jumpsuit....

Mister Pleasant said...

I cannot help but think of the scene in Repo Man where Emilio Estevez pukes over the side of a bridge in L.A. while the alien-body-carrying Chevy Malibu travels on the street underneath.

As for the Gary Numan video - Holly said everything that needs to be said.