Monday, June 21, 2010

The Occultation of a Summer Sun

There's no point in asking, it was never enough.

She wouldn't tell me where we were going. Said it was a surprise.

So I got in the car and she drove. And drove. And drove farther.

Eventually, she turned off the highway onto a dirt road.

Then, apologetically, she asked me to put on a blindfold. When I hesitated, she said it was a secret place. She wanted to share it with me, but also needed to keep it hidden.

And the world went dark.

She drove more. The road became bumpier and the air got colder.

We seemed to be turning back and forth, following switchbacks.

And then we stopped. She opened my door, took me by the hand, then led me through a wooded area. We walked a good 20 minutes before we stopped.

Only then did she take off the blindfold.

We were in a clearing. Forest surrounding us on three sides, a distant valley visible past a steep cliff on the fourth.

"This is a magical place," she said. "Nature and civilization are perfectly balanced. You stand here and can see both without being part of either."

I nodded. The breeze was greater there. The air was cool and I glanced at village lights far in the distance.

"I had to bring you here on the Solstice," she said. "For the balance. From here on in, the nights take over. The darkness gathers its strength until it dominates."

I looked up and saw a full, bright moon in the sky.

"The druids said when there was a full moon on the solstice it was particularly good luck. And if you make love under the full moon on the solstice, all the wonders of the world will be revealed."

Then she held out her hand. And I took it.

Because everyone wants to know all the wonders of the world. (Link for Gmail subscribers.)


asiangrrl said...

Man, you always stop right when the story gets interesting! I wanted to read more about that magical place and night. I really dig this song, too.

Holly A Hughes said...

And so the camera pans away -- just when we're getting to the good stuff!!

Happy solstice!