Sunday, June 27, 2010

To Boldly Caffeinate Where No Man Has Gone Before

Soy Milk is Highly Illogical

Today, I was reminded of how surreal life in Los Angeles can be.

I was at a chain coffee shop (no, not that one -- the other one) behind one of the less well-known Star Trek actors who did not, despite the fact that this is Los Angeles, order his overpriced coffee concoction with soy milk.

So, for the record, overpriced coffee? Perfectly logical. Overpriced coffee with soy milk for an extra 25 cents? Completely illogical.

Which, as these things tend to do, made me want to hear the Star Trek theme played on a ukulele. So here it is:

I know that's not enough for you purists... so here's the theme played on Wii Theremin. (And, incidentally, the very existence of Wii Theremin is enough to make me rethink my whole attitude towards game systems.)

And here's a list of other weird covers of the theme. I'm partial to the Rubinoos surf-rock version and Utopia's unreleased disco version myself.


William V. Madison said...

Wii Theremin? Wow. Suddenly I need one of those.

But which Star Trek actor was it? (Overlooking your suggestion that any of them -- even the red shirts -- could be less than mega-celebrities.)

Alex said...

So let me get this straight. You want me to spoil the mystery and just tell you it was George Takei?

Holly A Hughes said...

What a brush with greatness!