Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Genre

More weird stuff I found on the web

Sometimes you just found stuff online that makes you smile even if it matters far less than you can say.

Along those lines, who knew there was an entire genre of foreign artists doing ska covers of Beatle songs?

From Mexico

From Switzerland

And from Japan


Holly A Hughes said...

Hi-Larious!! I'm not sure that Mexicali version of Can't Buy Me Love qualifies as ska, but Baby You Can Drive My Car is extremely persuasive. (The less said about Skankin' Beatles the better...)

asiangrrl said...

I am not a fan of the Beatles (yeah, so sue me), and I have to say (and yes, this will firmly cast me into the ninth ring of hell), I like the Swiss version of Baby, You Can Drive My Car much better than I do the original!

In addition, I have a soft spot for the Japanese version of Hard Day's Night because he's trying so hard, bless his heart. And, I agree with Holly about the Mexcian version of Can't Buy Me Love, but I still like it.

Alex said...

Not a fan of the Beatles? I don't understand. :)

Skaputziner said...

Just one word: perfect.

asiangrrl said...

Not a fan = do not like (I was trying to be diplomatic!). Yes, I know! Heresy. I do, however, like some of Lennon's solo work and some of Harrison's as well.