Wednesday, June 2, 2010

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A Touch of Miscellany in the Night

Hey Dullblog, the self-proclaimed blog by and for "people who think about the Beatles maybe a little too much," has a couple of fascinating posts on the psychology of the Beatles: How John and Paul Reacted to the death of Brian Epstein (and why) and an alternate theory on the real sad reason the band broke up.

Peter's Power Pop presents Jane vs. World (featuring what might be a cautionary tale about star-crossed long-distance love in the internet age).

For the Love of Harry is giving away CDs in a spiffy contest.

Craig Ferguson explains everything to you.

And finally, Rooney (my favorite band named after a character from Ferris Bueller's Day Off) has a new album coming out next week. Here's a taste:


Holly A Hughes said...

This is why I rarely visit the Beatles sites; I get way too wrapped up in it. Of course this guy's analysis of the End of Days seems absolutely on target -- this is how I've always instinctively felt it went down. I remember being baffled when someone tried to tell me it was all about George wanting more money and Paul wanting more control. Really? C'mon, REALLY??

I know that Let It Be is an edited version of events, created after the fact to explain their dissolution, but even there you can see it was still a viable partnership. There are moments of interaction between Lennon and McCartney that are so wounded, so charged...well, like I said, I get way too wrapped up in the narrative. Wonder why that is, even after all these years?

Alex said...

I'm with you, Holly.

It's so far in the past... and yet I can't help spinning the wheels and playing "what if" games.

It does make sense though, doesn't it?