Friday, May 25, 2012

Gotta Keep My Head Down Low

My foolish error was to care too much...

The delusional girl made a record.

Years ago, that would have been amazing. It would have required hundreds of thousands of dollars, hiring studios, paying musicians.

Now, you can do it with a laptop. And a few hundred bucks of hardware and software.

These days, essentially, anyone can make a record.

So she did.

But then she thought the world owed her something. Even though her songs sucked. Even though her singing was horrible.

But she looked good.

And she'd seen the shows on TV. And she thought that she was better than some of the people on those shows. (Not even better than all of them, just better than some.)

No one would listen.

So she signed up for something online. Paid a lot of money. Got someone allegedly in the music industry to listen to what she'd recorded.

And they sent back word to her: Can you even hear how bad this record is? Because it's just horrible. Erase it from your hard drive. Destroy all copies.

She blamed them. They couldn't hear her genius.

So she stalked the people who'd listened. She threatened them. She pulled a knife.

And one of them laughed. "Go ahead and stab me," he said. "Your music still sucks."

Shocked, she dropped the knife. And started to cry.

And ran away.


Steve said...

I think I bought her record!

Alex said...

Steve, it was (mercifully) never released.