Friday, May 4, 2012

Living Proof of All Life's Contradictions

You can only find them in the deepest silence...

"I'll be at the Bodhi Tree," she said. "In the astrology section."

So I asked what sign she was.

"Pisces. I'm a fish."

And I nodded. She looked nothing like a fish. And I don't believe in astrology.

"We're compassionate. And sensitive."

I like to think the same of myself. We all do.

"We have a strong strain of mysticism and spirituality."

Me too.

I wanted to know more about the Pisces. I can't tell you why.

That's not strictly true. I know why, but I'm reluctant to say.

It was because of her. I still didn't care about astrology. I still didn't need to learn about Pisces. Except as it related to her.

"We fish live in two worlds. The spiritual world where our true selves flow and flourish. And the everyday world, which is often too much for us to take."

Yes. That sounded about right.

And the spiritual was constantly at war with the material. This sometimes made for great art -- and often for horrible conflicts.

"We're the fish who survive on land only because we carry with us a memory of the water. And a certainty that we'll get back there someday."

And I nodded. Because I could see flashes of it. And wanted to see more.

These things were long ago. In this world, anyway.

Perhaps it's just a blink of a third eye in the spiritual realm, where there's an unbounded ocean of bliss.

I know that time flows differently there.

And back here, the Bodhi Tree is closed.

I'd hoped to find the answer there. Maybe in the astrology section. Maybe even find that elusive fish.

The one that got away.


Steven said...

Yeah. Pisces are the most frustrating and rewarding of all astrological signs.

Dylan Brody said...

My wife is a Pisces. I am a Taurus. My mom is a Cancer, but I have no idea what her astrological sign is.