Wednesday, May 16, 2012

You Were Standing with A Bootleg In Your Hand

What in the world is he on about anyway?

Here's the essential, existential problem with Paul McCartney:

He can be so effortlessly brilliant that it seems like he's not even trying.

Or he can be so annoyingly sloppy that he seems like the worst kind of hack (albeit a hack with the most amazing sense of melody you've ever encountered).

For example:

When I met you at the station, you were standing with a bootleg in your hand...

Maybe the problem isn't getting Hi-Hi-Hi, it's that you were already Hi-Hi-Hi when you wrote this.

Sweet Banana.

Or should I call you "My Salamander."

Which, incidentally, doesn't rhyme with "oh no, don't answer."

Just saying.


Anonymous said...

Sheesh. Good thing he's the cute one.

And a melodic genius, I guess.

Mister Pleasant said...

You hit the nail on the head. Though truth be told, both of your examples rock like nobody's business. "Getting Closer" may be lacking in the lyrics, but I always loved it because it was a real return to rock'n'roll by the last incarnation of Wings.

And the flip side of "Hi Hi Hi" - "C Moon" - besides being a happy silly reggae fest - has some of Paul's juiciest harmony work.

Alex said...

You're right Mister P. And that's probably what's so damn frustrating!

Hooks and Harmony said...

Or other times when he just can't come up with words - "Bip Bop" and the chorus to "Another Day" (Do do do do do do..."

Holly A Hughes said...

And yet I LOOOVE Bip Bop.

His most free form stuff is often the most inspired. His sense of songcraft is really limited, but his musicality -- not just the melody stuff, but the rhythmic play as well -- is just through the roof. And there are always deliriously weird nuggets of genius to find, even amid the dreck. Keeps me coming back, that's for sure.