Saturday, May 5, 2012

Holding Hands While the Walls Come Tumbling Down

So Sad They Had To Fade It

The road into the desert seems to stretch out forever.

And you're stopped at a stop sign.

To the left is a storm cloud. Gathering winds and thunder rolling across the empty spaces.

To the right is a small shack, selling fireworks.

Amazingly, the shack is open. Even though it's got to be 100 degrees.

So you park for a moment, peruse the fireworks.

The clerk tries to chat you up.

"These are the most popular," he says.

And you nod. You're not there to talk. You're there to wait out the storm.

But then the clerk looks up at the sky, apologizes, closes everything down, hops into his car, and speeds off.

And you get back behind the wheel. And slowly drive forward.

Into the rain.


Steven said...

There's nothing like a desert storm.

But maybe all storms are desert storms if you think about it. :)

Mister Pleasant said...

Turn your back on mother nature indeed! Still loving Tears for Fears even 30 years later.

As for desert storms, many years ago my brother and I were driving through Navajo country during late summer and an electrical storm of biblical proportions shot lightning bolts into the highwire towers all along the road. It was frightening and mystical all at the same time.