Monday, May 28, 2012

Live from Triceratops Park

Cult Figures

Sometimes you discover a band or a singer that just speaks to you.

And that singer or band has a strong cult following.

But seems on the verge of breaking through.

And you think for years it's about to happen.

Meanwhile, if you're lucky, the singer or band, releases a shit-ton of amazing music. (And if you're unlucky, the singer or band flames out.)

Robyn Hitchcock should be a superstar.

He's been putting out fantastic records for more than 30 years.

For a lot of that time, it seemed like he was weeks (months at most) from being a superstar.

But it hasn't happened. Not yet anyway.

And at this point it seems unlikely.

Which sucks. But at least we have 30-plus years of great music. And, in this universe, that might have to be enough.

Robyn Hitchcock from the unaired Jon Brion Show pilot:

And Robyn Hitchcock & Grant Lee Phillips covering "Across the Universe" (audio only):


steve simels said...

Nice place you've got here. I particularly like the design....

Alex said...

I only borrow from the best, Steve.